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Bonus Episode 22: Our Mental Health

June 29, 2021 Stephen McLain
The Finance Leader Podcast
Bonus Episode 22: Our Mental Health
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I have noticed over the last few months on all my social media timelines that people are talking more about their mental health. It’s become a very hot topic. Our mental health is key to our long-term success, our relationships, our view of ourselves, and many other aspects of our lives.

Please visit a mental health professional to discuss your individual mental health concerns.

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Stephen McLain:

Hi, this is Stephen McLain of the finance leader podcast. This is bonus episode number 22. How's everyone doing this week? I am doing very well. I am recording this episode in mid June 2021. And looking forward to a great summer ahead. But I also can't wait for the fall my favorite season of the year when it's cooler, and we get American football back. So I have noticed over the last few months on all my social media timelines, that people are talking more about their mental health, and it's becoming a very hot topic. Our mental health is key to our long term success, our relationships, our view of ourselves, our mindset, and many other aspects of our lives. People are also concerned about returning full time to the office from a variety of perspectives. And not just about the Coronavirus, but about boundaries and in the office routines that are not healthy. I talked about returning to the office and Episode 51. So please go back to that episode. In case you missed it. It is not wrong, or unprofessional or shameful to look after our mental health, people are burned out. We went through an extraordinary global pandemic, which is still not over. We have had to hold it together for ourselves, our families, our careers, and all of our many relationships and connections and it's been tough. And it's okay to say things are not right. It's okay to ask for help. It's okay to ask for a break. So in this bonus episode, I have a few suggestions for you to consider regarding your mental health and I just have a few items. Number one, you should contemplate seeing a professional licensed therapist as part of your self care plan. I believe this is for everyone. No matter where you are at in your journey. We shouldn't wait until you're unhealthy to see a professional seeing a therapist should be part of a regular health plan. Just like seeing your medical doctor. It's important, so please consider it. Number two adopt a daily and weekly self care routine. A self care routine helps us to find balance in our everyday routine. Are we getting enough sleep? exercise? Are we eating right? are we drinking water? Are we taking breaks regularly? Are we living life? Are we enjoying our closest relationships. So adopt a good self care routine that helps address all these issues. It's about taking care of yourself every day. To make sure you are seeing balance you are not imbalanced in any way, especially in your personal life and your professional life. Number three, ensure you are taking your vacation time. Please take time off from your job. It's not worth it. If you think you can't take time off a vacation or any time off in the workplace is essential to resetting yourself. Take the break, you earned it. And number four set healthy boundaries both in your personal life and in your career. Protect yourself from life vampires who want to suck the energy from you, or who don't value your time or contributions. Don't let others cross a line that makes you uncomfortable or that abuses you. Boundary violations can come from anywhere at work, or family or friends lots of places, it's essential to have healthy boundaries. So don't forget your mental health. It should be part of your overall health plan. Otherwise, you will face burnout and other problems over a long career in your life. I may do a full episode on this topic since it's so important. But I did want to touch on it today. Since it is becoming apparent and mental health is becoming more and more important to people out there. People are addressing it and people are seeing that it's important to take your mental health seriously. So you may see more from me later. I am working on season seven, which will debut on July 20. Have a great week. Now go lead your team and I will see you next week. Thank you