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Bonus Episode 53: Be Bold in 2023

January 03, 2023 Stephen McLain
The Finance Leader Podcast
Bonus Episode 53: Be Bold in 2023
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We will be using the acronym BOLD to shape our plans for 2023. BOLD: Believe, Overcome, Leadership, and Decisive. Believe in yourself, Overcome obstacles, Grow your Leadership and Be decisive in your plans and opportunities.

BOLD: Believe, Overcome, Leadership, and Decisive.

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Stephen McLain:

Hi, this is Stephen McLain and the finance leader podcast. This is bonus episode number 53. Happy New Year. I hope you had a great holiday weekend. It is the new year and that means a new beginning a time to start a new a fresh start. We get to plan out what we want to do for the next 12 months and then go execute those plans. We get to decide what we want to do and then shape what and who we will become. That's why the New Year is so important. It's a mark on the calendar that we get to start over and begin on a new fresh Canvas to look at it from an artists point of view. I want you to be bold this year. I will talk more about this next week, we will be using the acronym bold to shape our plans for 2023 bold B believe, Oh overcome l leadership and D decisive believe in yourself. overcome obstacles, grow your leadership and be decisive in your plans and opportunities. Again, that's bold, believe, overcome leadership and decisive more on this next week. This upcoming year, let's do something different to stand out from the crowd and to achieve something bigger. Let's transform ourselves and transform our organizations. This takes leadership a willingness to take some risk and to adopt a learning mindset ready to destroy any obstacle that gets in our way. I want you to become a finance leader. This is for all of you working in finance, accounting, auditing, business analysis, analytics, and all other business and analytical disciplines. Become a finance leader. A finance leader is an expert of finance and accounting principles, who fuses technical expertise with leadership to make others around them better, and to positively transform the organization. By using accurate, relevant and real time data to help other leaders make better decisions to execute the strategy. I'll continue to refine that definition. But ultimately, I want you to lead with data instead of only sending data partner with other leaders so they can make better decisions. Season 13 will debut next week on January 10. We will be talking about our focus our priorities and our goals for 2023. I can't wait to dive into this upcoming season 2023 will be a year of positive change and great accomplishment. I can't wait to share. Thank you