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Bonus Episode 50: Inspire Your Team to Win

December 13, 2022 Stephen McLain
The Finance Leader Podcast
Bonus Episode 50: Inspire Your Team to Win
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Show Notes

Let’s wrap up 2022, but put off new ideas until next year. Enjoy your accomplishments, get some rest, enjoy your family, friends and colleagues, and put things in perspective.

Season 13 will debut on January 10th. We will be talking about our focus, priorities, and goals for 2023.

We are a primary source of inspiration and motivation for our team members. How we act and speak and make decisions serves to encourage, or even discourage, our team members as they tackle tough assignments and tasks. How we approach the work and adversity does have ripple effects on team productivity and morale. How can we do better, as leaders, to encourage our team members to be inspired, which then can translate into higher productivity, without being abusive?   

The outline for the episode is:

  1. Great leaders bring out the best in their team,
  2. Let’s set a great example,
  3. Set a realistic vision, and
  4. Help others achieve their purpose and goals.

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